The team of AO DEKRA CONSTRUCTION, guided by the Decree of the Mayor of Moscow No. 68-UM dated 09.06.2020 returned to the usual work schedule

Taking into account the measures taken, the team of AO DEKRA CONSTRUCTION that had been working remotely, guided by the Decree of the Mayor of Moscow No. 68-UM, returned to the usual work manner in the company's offices from 09.06.20.

Earlier, the Moscow State Construction Supervision Committee (Mosgosstroynadzor) sent new additional recommendations of the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor) to construction companies on the prevention of coronavirus infection among construction industry employees. On 19.05.2020 the inspection of Mosgosstroynadzor visited the construction site of AO DEKRA CONSTRUCTION.

A thorough inspection of the Skolkovo Park Business District was carried out. Special attention was paid to the measures on health monitoring of construction workers, such as measuring the body temperature of employees at the entrance to the facility and during the working day. The provision of employees with individual protective means (masks, respirators, gloves) and the availability of at least a five-day supply of detergent and disinfection agents were checked. At the entrance to the construction site of AO DEKRA CONSTRUCTION were organized places for hand treatment with antiseptics and disinfecting wipes, as well as special places for receiving post in a contactless way.

Daily wet cleaning with disinfection agents, as well as disinfection of all door handles, switches, handrails, table surfaces, chair backs and office equipment are carried out in office premises and common areas (dining rooms, break areas, welfare facilities).

The Mosgosstroynadzor inspection concluded that the set of measures taken to combat the spread of the coronavirus infection on the construction site is organised in a perfect manner.