Company Documents


Shareholder of Grand Meridian Pvt Ltd

Yuri Smirnov

In the course of the work, AO DEKRA CONSTRUCTION has fully confirmed their good name as a reliable and responsible partner that they have earned over many years of professional activity.

All customer's requirements, international standards for the quality of work, compliance with project documentation, regulations and project budget were fully met during the course of work. I would like to emphasize the professionalism of the team, as well as express my gratitude to the company's management for their proper and well-coordinated work.

Director General, Member of the Executive Board of TOWERS CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT

Michael Gelman

Zunda Towers is an immense project – it is not just a concrete monolithic skyscraper, but a city within a city. DEKRA's work is, as always, professional and reliable: the structure has the highest safety factor and the facades of two round glazed towers are absolutely unique. This is my fourth skyscraper in the world, but the most important one for me, because it is the tallest building in today's Baltic countries and my footprint in the history of my country.

Chief Architect of RESERVE Creative Production Association

Vladimir Plotkin

Skolkovo Park for Life Residential District is an object that required painstaking work, both from designers and contractors. First of all, this is explained by the complex geometry of the facility, which does not allow errors, by the vertical layout on complex terrain, and by the requirements imposed on materials for a premium class facility. The implementation of the facility with only insignificant changes at the design stage was largely provided by DEKRA — both in terms of management of construction companies and in terms of control over the execution of work.


Alexander Tarakanov

On behalf of the Orthodox community of Meshchersky town I sincerely thank you for your help in the construction of the Orthodox Church of Our Lady of Kazan. May the Lord reward you for your kind contribution to the development of the Orthodox Faith and bringing our people back to the Christian values.
I wish the management and employees of AO DEKRA CONSTRUCTION good health, peace, prosperity, wisdom and patience, as well as God's help and blessing in all your good endeavours.

Head of Development Real Estate Department MILLHOUSE

Igor Pyatibratov

To implement the unique in its concept project of the Skolkovo Park for Life, Premium Class Club District, we needed a partner capable of solving the most complex engineering and architectural challenges efficiently, on time and with best quality possible. DEKRA fully met our expectations and proved to be a reliable and consistent partner.

Head of the Asian-Pacific Bank

Andrey Vdovin

Construction is not a core area of our company, so it was extremely important to find professionals who we can absolutely rely on.

The Golden Gate project showed that DEKRA was the best choice. And it's not just about quality, reliability and met deadlines. Their individual "tweezers" approach to a customer, when they take into account even the smallest details, allowed us to accurately turn into reality our idea of a XXI century business structure.

Chief Architect of the SOLARIS project, founder of the SZK UN PARTNERI Architectural Bureau

Andris Silis

DEKRA was one of the first Russian companies that implemented such a large-scale project in high-rise construction in Latvia. SOLARIS has been operated for more than 10 years, and the demand for housing in it, now in the secondary market, is still high. My apartment is also located in one of the towers: I love reliability and comfort.

Head of OSTOZHENKA Architectural Bureau in Moscow

Alexander Skokan

Working in the historical centre of Moscow requires from an architect, developer and contractor not only the highest level of professionalism, but also sensitivity and sincere love for the City. Pozharsky 13 is a remarkable object located on the so-called “golden mile” in Moscow. It was implemented according to the project of the Ostozhenka Architectural Bureau by DEKRA that during the construction showed their careful attitude both to the project and the city.

Director General of OAO 7-y Taksomotorny Park

Andrey Kozlov

We would like to express our appreciation to AO DEKRA CONSTRUCTION for participating in the project on the installation of cable lines at the Red Side, Multifunctional Residential Complex. All construction and installation works were carried at a top level in record time.

I would also like to stress out the high level of organization of the production process and the compliance with safety and labour protection requirements, as well as the efficiency and technically competent attitude to work of your specialists throughout the entire period of our cooperation.

Owner of KODEST Company

Claudio De Ecker

When I first saw the facilities constructed by DEKRA, I immediately appreciated the high-quality European level of their implementation, so when we were looking for a contractor for the construction of the VTB Arena, the decision was obvious. Today I can confirm the high quality of DEKRA's work from my own experience

Head of Workshop No. 1 of OAO MOSPROEKT-4

Sergey Romanov

The individual historical architecture of Italy was reflected in the PIZZA ANFITEATRO: both in form and in name. Cooperation with DEKRA allowed us to successfully turn the creative idea into reality, which was done efficiently and on time. This project is our common victory not only at the International Property Europe Competition (London 2012), but also in life.

Owner of the SEDMOY CONTINENT Supermarket Chain

Alexander Zanadvorov

Tower 2000 is the first office skyscraper of the Moscow City Business Center, where we worked with DEKRA CONSTRUCTION that carried out works on high-quality finishing and interior design.

From that project began our long-term cooperation with this company, because for us not only the quality is important, but also the deadlines and DEKRA always performs all the work properly and professionally.