Production Standards

DEKRA CONSTRUCTION adheres to high standards of production processes organization. We monitor everything: from the optimal ratio between efficiency and time limits to the ideal state of the construction site.
Every day we optimize construction management
Upgrade production processes
Improve working conditions and minimize accident rate
Increase competitiveness of works, services and products
Develop a positive image of the company

The production standards for us are

Management and production standards – we care for the introduction of new technologies, monitor the efficiency of production processes, embrace automation and order in all aspects, create self-regulation mechanisms of the entire internal structure of the company to control and comply with the applied standards of corporate culture and production organization within our projects.

Work standards – we respect work of our colleagues at all stages. When organizing workplaces, we always think about people, their convenience and comfort.

Communication standards – we embrace and in every way contribute to the observance of business etiquette in all communication situations both within the company and in communication with external contractors. Our main principle is a responsible attitude to work and respect for colleagues.