Project Management

We provide construction management services for our customers, as well as implement our own real estate projects.

Many years of development and construction management experience allow us to optimize budgets and deadlines, as well as to improve quality by making the best possible management and engineering decisions.

We are ready to deal even with complex and capital-intensive projects that require a versatile team of professionals (managers, process engineers, constructors, pricing specialists, etc.) at all stages.

Our team can help you to avoid possible mistakes at the earliest stages and will facilitate increasing investment potential. Therefore, we recommend starting cooperation at the stage of designing the main idea of the project, pre-project planning and feasibility study compilation.

Together with our customers, we develop a general management strategy and propose the distribution of roles for all participants taking into account the specifics and scope of the project, as far as its location and local context.

As a management company at the stage of design development and construction planning, we carry out the following tasks:

  • Develop terms of reference for design and construction;
  • Assist with design development (control the technical decisions made, as far as the choice of equipment and materials).
  • Assemble the team and prepare recommendations for engaging various professionals;
  • Provide budgeting: preliminary, detailed and final;
  • Control budget and construction process;
  • Prepare tender packages;
  • Draw up contractor and supply agreements.

As a management company at the stage of construction, we carry out the following tasks:

  • Develop construction program and detailed work schedules;
  • Check design solutions for expediency, completeness and absence of flaws;
  • Develop options for project changes, coordinate feasibility of the necessary works with contractors and project organizations;
  • Invite potential contractors and hold tenders;
  • Coordinate work progress at the facility 24/7.
  • Inform you about the current status of the project in a timely manner;
  • Control fulfillment of contractual obligations, and in case of their violation, are responsible for claim settlement with the contractors;
  • Define necessary requirements to ensure the availability of as-built and turnover documentation;;
  • Prepare the facility for commissioning.

Advantages of cooperation with DEKRA CONSTRUCTION

Time sawing as far as we follow one-stop-shop principle

Modern software for planning and implementation of the project

Cost reduction by optimizing the number of participants

Weekly and monthly reports with the main planned indicators

Entrust management of your project to the team of professionals

We work all over the world: from capitals cities in Europe to remote islands in the Pacific Ocean. We are guided by international project management standards. Our team comprises highly qualified engineers with vast experience in the construction of residential buildings, hotels, shopping and office centers.